Ambitious plans for the Ypres Rally

This year Superstage, the Kenotek Ypres Rally organisers, will be presenting an impressive and ambitious programme. This week the impetus will be given, because the Ypres Rally is to represented at the highest professional motorsport car show in Europe, Autosport International in Birmingham. For the first time in many years the Ypres classic is this season on the calendar of the renowned British Rally Championship.

To offer all competitors, especially the foreigners, equal chances the course will as compared to last year’s edition be revised by no less than 55%. It goes without saying that the same roads and the same villages will be taken into account, but with minor adaptations or different directions. Superstage will be offering up a challenging renewal.

In addition, the Ypres Rally also counts towards the Tour European Rally, a compelling international competition with among others the Rallye du Valais and the Madeira Rally on the calendar, just like Ypres in the former classics of the European Championship. On top of that Ypres also counts towards the European Rally Trophy, so that the FIA regulations do remain valid.

This year competing in the Ypres Rally will be somewhat cheaper, not only for the top teams, but for every team.

Superstage is presently working on a top edition with an international flair. We will shortly be announcing the first names...

However, Superstage is also working laterally. While on the one hand the Ypres Historic Rally will be celebrating its 25th jubilee with a fitting exhibition, the other events of this dynamic club are being further developed. These include the Rallysprint of the Monteberg (7/5) the AArova Rallysprint (10/9) in Oudenaarde that will in 2017 blossom into a Short Rally, with two different special stages. More recently the Targa Florio O.C. (old-timer Club) was on hand for the first time at the Dream Car in Kortrijk. The department for historic rally sport within Superstage will be organising the first edition of the Schelde-Leie run on the 23rd April next.

Posted by Jan