Keeping it cool

It has been smooth running for the start of the 2nd day of the Renties Ypres Rally. Neuville (Hyundai i20) has extended his lead from 14.1 seconds to 25.9 seconds after taking the three stages wins this morning. Verschueren (Skoda Fabia), sits in second 3.5 seconds ahead of Princen-Eelbode (Skoda Fabia).

Behind the top trio, Cherain (Skoda Fabia) lost 20 seconds on the loop but gained a place following the small off by Demaerschalk (Citroen C3) on Kemmelberg (SS10). The Citroën pilot had to cope with an open bonnet that was obstructing his view. He dropped to eighth overall.

Cronin (Hyundai i20) kept his sixth place and the lead in the MSA BRC but was passed by Fernemont (Skoda Fabia) who moved to fifth place, Bedoret (Skoda Fabia) continues his good performance and moves up to seventh.

To close the top 10, Vanneste (Skoda Fabia) and Kobus (Skoda Fabia) are just 2.1 seconds apart. Father back, McCormack (Skoda Fabia R5) and Mévius (Peugeot 208 T16) are also in a big fight separated by only 2.8 seconds.

Snijers continues leads the RGT category with his Porsche with Tanghe about 2 minutes behind. There were many changes in RC4. Starting third this morning, Pyck (Peugeot 208) passed Wagemans (Skoda) and Williams (Vauxhall Adam).  Pyck now has a narrow lead over Wagemans is 2nd with Williams, who has a spin, just ahead of countryman Creighton(Peugeot 208). In this category, it is all to play for as they are separated by less than 10 seconds.


Neuville: "We have not changed much and we are not attacking more than yesterday but we are much more confident with the car and, especially the tires. We have found our pace."

Verschueren: "I have bad time the last two stages, I have sometimes wanted too much and this translated into a bad result in Zonnebeke (SS12 / 6e to 5" 1). But I know where I lost time."

Princen: "We took more risks this morning in set-up and tyres. It's very tight with Vincent and our only goal here is to beat him for the championship; we will still play on the setup. "

Cherain: "Very satisfied. This morning, we are in the times of Vincent and Kris. Thierry is something else; he's an alien!"

Cronin: "As we had a good lead in MSA BRC, I wanted to ensure a safer pace than yesterday but I let myself be surprised on the gravel; we left a little time there "

Vanneste: "We arrived 1 minute too late. In fact, the crew is not very well awake; it's not like yesterday ... "

Abbring: "We continue to learn the car and the settings; we are still not confident in the fast and, above all, on the bumps our setup is too hard. "

Wagemans: "We discover ourselves in a fight with Ward (Hanssens). Although we are not playing the Junior Championship, we want this victory. "

Pyck (Baert's son): "We are surprised to be in the lead! The pace is high and it's still long ... "

Munster: "My father warned me that I would not win Ypres the first time and that I cannot imagine playing the podium. Honestly, I was convinced of the opposite but from the first kilometers, I realised that he was right. It is very difficult to find the right rhythm: the grip changes, the pace changes. Here, experience is necessary. I am not totally confident; it's impossible to select a set-up that's good everywhere. "

NB: Veiby's car was ready at 3:30 this morning.

Posted by hugo