Ypres Rally and Jan Yperman Hospital agree for 2500 Covid-tests | Ypresrally.com

The World Rally Championship will be held in Belgium for the first time in the history of our country from 20 to 22 November. The Renties Ypres Rally Belgium is making all preparations to ensure the organisation of the historic event is done in a safe way. For example, an agreement was reached with the Jan Yperman Hospital in Ypres to have 2,500 Covid tests taken, as all participants and employees will be tested in advance.

"The Jan Yperman Hospital is happy to contribute to ensuring the Ypres Rally runs safely," says Frederik Chanterie, Director of Jan Yperman. "In the week before the competition, we will administer 2,500 Covid tests and have them analysed in our clinical laboratory. The administration of these tests will be organised in such a way that it will not affect the normal operation of our hospital. This agreement does not put additional pressure on our services and the care of our patients."

For Club Superstage, organiser of the Renties Ypres Rally Belgium, this collaboration with the Jan Yperman Hospital is crucial, because everyone, from employees to the future World Champion, will be tested.

"As an organisation, we have already twice proven that, in recent weeks with the Monteberg Rally and the Aarova Rally in Oudenaarde, we can organise a rally with the public in a safe, Covid-proof manner. Rally is an outdoor sport, and our course stretches and extends over tens of kilometres, so it is perfectly feasible to comply with health rules. For the Renties Ypres Rally Belgium, the first Belgian round of the World Rally Championship, we will go one step further than the Protocol approved for rallying in Flanders. After all, we will apply the rules of the International Motor Sports Federation and that means that everyone involved in the event must test negative to Covid in advance. From employees, to the top drivers, everyone will be tested. We are therefore pleased to announce that Jan Yperman Hospital will provide 2,500 Covid tests,” said Jan Huyghe of Club Superstage.

The Renties Ypres Rally Belgium is the penultimate race of the FIA ​​World Rally Championship. The competition will be held from 20 to 22 November.

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