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Update 21.02.2023

Station Le Seau Monteberg Rally 2023 is a 'multiple stage' sport event

With its 3 courses or special stages.
In consultation with the government and the competent authorities it was decided to organise a Covid safe sport event in the following way, in line with the Ministerial Decree 23 June 2021/10037/Art.12 §4:

The spectators:

  • Can move freely over the special stages and in/out of the public areas
  • Respect the rally safety measures
    • 10m zone
    • forbidden zone
    • instructions to the track marshal
    • do not walk on the special stages from 30 minutes before the first stages
  •  All sanitary facilities are available


Ticket Sales

  • All stage tickets can be bought via

Rally Shop

  • Exchange your ticket for a wristband: you can also exchange a ticket for a family member, a friend, etc. You are not obliged to come in person.
  • Merchandise and programme available in the shop.

Start Sales

The sale of rally tickets has started yet. Please make your plans in advance. The offer of rally tickets has been set up according to the possibilities, the schedule and the measures imposed by the government. The full rally programme of rally tickets can be found here shortly. 


Be aware that if the COVID crisis escalates, the National Security Board may impose additional restrictions


Rally passes/tickets 

All stages tickets and indicative classification stages
Sunday 7th may

  • Accept general conditions and specific COVID conditions implemented by the Government.
  • Leave the name of the ticket owner when purchasing the rally pass.

Rally Shop

  • Exchange your ticket for a wristband: you can also exchange a ticket for a family member, a friend, etc. You are not obliged to come in person.
  • Merchandise and programme available in the shop.

Additional informaton regarding rally passes

  • One person can buy up to 4 rally passes with one purchase. Please note that the shopping cart is active within 30 minutes, during which time the purchase process must be completed. Before buying rally passes, please collect the names of all persons so that the purchase process runs as quickly as possible.
  • To purchase a rally pass, it is necessary to enter the name of the person to whom the rally pass is purchased in the shopping environment. A person's name is associated with his or her personal rally pass. It is not necessary to pair and authenticate with an ID card or Mobile ID
  • Before completing the purchase process, it is necessary to enter the delivery details, i.e., the name, telephone number, e-mail address of the contact person, accept the general conditions and additional COVID conditions.
  • Regardless of age, each adult and child over 12 years of age must have their own personal rally ticket.  Kids ID for children under 12 years of age is mandatory..
  • Each person can only have one rally pass. The rally pass is personal and cannot be resold / handed on / given as a present.
  • By purchasing a rally pass, you agree to share your personal data (name, personal identification pass code on e-ticket, telephone number, e-mail address) with the Health Board. Other information related to the processing of personal data can be found on the official website of Ypres Rally.
  • Be prepared to present your pdf e-ticket with personal identification code to ensure smooth access to the spectator areas.
  • You cannot enter the rally areas without a rally pass. We urge you not to come to the event area without a rally pass. Ignoring the request may endanger the event.
  • Special stage tickets are not sold at the venue, only online before the event.
  • Rally passes are sent by email.  In the attachment of the mail, you will find the pdf e-ticket with clear instructions.  Make sure your email address is correct and/or check your spam folder..



Depending on your purchase, you will be able to follow the rally.  Spectator areas are available on each special stage during the rally week.  The spectator zones are easily accessible with parking nearby, various facilities, marshals present and offer a safe rally experience.  With a special stage ticket, you are allowed to stand on the designated safe places for the entire special stage, at least 10 metres from the road.  Respecting the safety rules is essential for the rally to run smoothly. Listen to the marshals and respect their work.
The special stages will only be accessible via a ticket point with a correct wristband and at a specific time. Outside these times, there is no access to the special stages.

Respect the marshals
- They voluntarily take care of your safety and the safety of the drivers.

 Respect the environment
- Do not damage crops or property

 Never walk in 'No public zones
- Public in those zones = STOP special stages

 Do not walk on the track from 30 minutes before the first rally car
- RACB and Safety Marshalls can stop the rally.

 Get rid of your rubbish
- Keep the environment clean as you would wish it to be


Pratical information

  • Vehicle parking is allowed only in the parking places fixed by the organizers.
  • We kindly ask for your understanding, in case there are disruptions in ticket sales due to high level of interest.
  • It is not allowed to resale rally passes. We strongly suggest not to buy rally passes from third parties, because they are personalised and cannot be changed.
  • The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the event program.
  • If the indicators of coronavirus infection change or for any other reason, the Health Board may limit the number of spectators allowed for the Rally Ypres event before the day of the event.
  • Let’s make a safe rally for everyone - if possible, vaccinate yourself in advance; don't come when you are feeling ill; move in your group; stay in your group; disinfect; wear a mask; don't socialize! Bring an identity document, download and keep the Covid app working!


Overnight stay:


Disclaimer: The information on this page is not exhaustive. It is based on the most recent available data provided to the organisation and collected from other publicly available and authoritative national sources. While the organiser seeks to keep the information up to date, we take no responsibility of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness and accuracy of the information contained in this page or individual decisions based thereon.