One of the most exciting Ypres Rally in years!  The Brits are coming... a genuine BRCexit


4x time MSA asphalt junior rally champion and British tarmac expert Alex Laffey has entered the Ypres Rally in an official M-Sport Ford Fiesta R5. This is already the second M-sport Ford on our entry list

One of Wales’ rising rally stars and 2016 Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy-winner Ossian Pryce has registered for the Ypres rally in a Ford Fiesta R5. He is currently second in the British Rally Championship, chasing hard his first victory. Will it be in Ypres?

Irish rally driver Keith Cronin has registered for the Ypres rally. Keith Cronin is a highly successful driver who has won no less than 3 times the British Rally Championship. He will drive an official M-Sport entered top Ford Fiesta R5. Need we say we expect him high upfront the rankings in Ypres…

Current leader in the Belgian Rallychampionship Vincent Verscheuren has registered in the Ypres rally with his Skoda Fabia R5. Vincent has already won the Tielt rally this year and is looking forward to add a victory in Ypres to that.

After the registration of Vincent Verscheuren, Kris Princen, one of his main rivals for the Belgian rally crown has also entered the Ypres Rally in his powerful Skoda Fabia R5. Last year, Kris Princen came close to winning Ypres, finishing very strongly second. Can he do better this year? Don’t forget, he has won Ypres already in the past….

Up and coming Northern Irish driver Desi Henry has registered for the Ypres rally in a Skoda Fabia R5. This young, fast driver was in 2016 the winner of the Ireland Forest Championship and 6th overall in the MSA-BRC so even if this is his first Ypres participation, he will be fast on the twisty Ypres roads

"Fast and furious" Marty Mc Cormack has registered for the Ypres rally in his splendid Tiger Risk Skoda R5. Marty has been several times in Ypres before and has shown his speed and some very spectacular driving

Chewon Lim, the South Korean driver of the Hyundai Motorsport New Driver Development Programme has entered the Ypres rally in a works Huyndai R5. Lim won the South Korean TV Show "The rallyist" in 2015 ahead of 5000 other competitors. He will do the full Tour European Rally series in 2017

We have the received the registration of BRC driver James Slaughter in his gorgeous looking Tiger Risk Ford Fiesta R5.

The good news keeps on coming from the UK: we have now received the registration from Jamie Anderson in a Ford Fiesta R5

Another exciting entry from accross the Channel: David Bogie in his Skoda Fabia R5. David Bogie held the title of Scottish Rally Champion for a record breaking five consecutive years from 2009 until 2013. At the end of season 2011, he was both Scottish and British Rally Champion, the first person ever to hold both titles simultaneously

We have received the registration of Frederik Ahlin, winner of the first round of the BRC Championship and off course also current leader in the MSA British rally Championship. Frederik was already in Ypres in 2011, doing very well in R2 class. Definitely someone to watch out for.

The entry everybody has been waiting for: WRC star Thierry Neuville has registered with a works Huyndai R5. Thierry Neuville won the WRC rally of Corse & Argentina and is one of the main contenders for this year’s rally world title. He was already two times vice world-champion in recent years and definitely the man to beat on the twisty roads of Ypres.  Will Thierry start as the WRC leader in Ypres?




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