Sébastien Bedoret leader in the BRC standings | WRC Ardeca Ypres Rally Belgium 2022

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The Belgian drivers are well known in the Renties Ypres Rally. In addition to Thierry Neuville, we see three of his compatriots in the top-10. Sébastien Bedoret advanced to 7th overall, and as icing on the cake, leads WRC3. However, Pieter-Jan Michiel Cracco lies in 9th and Vincent Verschueren in 10th are both showing well.

Car #27 C.De Cecco-J.Humblet (Skoda Fabia Evo): We lost about half a minute when we went straight on. But everything is going better than yesterday and we can get back into the fight.”

Car #30 S.Bédoret-F.Gilbert (Skoda Fabia Evo): “An unexpected position at the moment, but with four more intensive stages tomorrow will not be so easy.”

Car #35 K.Princen-P.Kaspers (Citroën C3): “We had our share of bad luck today, but there's not much we can do about it. We try to have as much fun as possible from now on.”

Car #36 G.Munster-L.Louka (Hyundai NG i20): “Yesterday's problem lingered too long, and we could certainly be a bit higher in the ranking. But I'm only up to my second time here, so I've got some grace."

Car #32 G.De Mévius-J.Jalet (Skoda Fabia Evo): “We are trying to reach the end. I feel really sick. In addition, we lost some time due to 2 flat tyres.”

Car #29 D.Vanneste-K.D'alleine (Citroën C3): “We are constantly clocking in inside the top three of the R5 cars. If only there was a separate classification for Saturday (laughing).”

Car #39 PJM.Cracco-J.Vermeulen (Skoda Fabia Evo): “The last two stages were not so good, as the fatigue started to play tricks on me.”

Car #37 V.Verschueren-F.Cuvelier (Volkswagen Polo GTI): “The set-up definitely needs to improve, but we ran better than on the first day.”

Car #38 B.Casier-P.Vyncke (Ford Fiesta MKII): “The rhythm starts to come back from the last loop.”

Car #41 F.Pyck-P.Dehouck (Skoda Fabia): “The stages were extremely slippery, and we made a slight change in both Watou and Messines. I am already looking forward to driving the Acropolis within 3 weeks with this car.”

Car #67 C.Tanghe-D.Squedin (Porsche 997 GT3): “With a car like this you have to drive constantly defensively. Tomorrow the stages should suit us better.”

Car #68: T.Van Parijs-K.Heyndrickx (Porsche 997 GT3): “I remembered the retirement of Pieter and Eddy for a long time. But in service we fitted harder tyres and we still had a nice day.”

Car #51 G.Bux-A.Leyh (Alpine A110): “The Alpine is a really nice discovery, although it will remain a one-off performance for the time being. I am definitely looking forward to the Walloon tests tomorrow.”

Car #104 G.Pyck-E.Mourisse (Renault Clio RS Line): “Today we managed all the stage wins today. With a bit of luck we will go for the double tomorrow.”

Car #72 G.Janssens-S.Prévot (Porsche 991 GT3 Cup): “We had to complete the last special stages without an error. Never thought we would go past Tanghe.”

Car #103 T.Rensonnet-R.Herman (Renault Clio RS Line): “Happy with our second place in the cup. We know the Walloon tests better, although Ster will be a very difficult one.”

Car #73 T.Vanden Abeele-S.Stragier (Porsche 997 GT3): “We still leave too much time in the faster cars. And yesterday we lost three minutes with a throttle problem.”

Car #71 B.Syx-A.Vanrobaeys (BMW M3): oil pressure issues.

Car #107 M.Delplace-T.Sohier (Renault Clio RS Line): rolled.

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